Cayce Remedies

My Healing Heart is the story of my spiritual journey through life. In it, I talk a great deal about the famous psychic, Edgar Cayce.

As a child, Cayce exhibited psychic abilities. He was always interested in helping people. In the early 1900s hypnosis was very popular. Cayce developed a severe case of laryngitis and was unable to speak for about a year. He was put into a trance by Al Layne, a hypnotist. Under hypnosis, Cayce was able to diagnose his own illness and prescribe treatment.

When Cayce was in this hypnotic state, he was clairvoyant and was able to access an unlimited amount of information on a variety of subjects. His psychic gift was extraordinary.

Cayce went into trances twice daily in order to help people. All he needed was the name of the person requesting help, the address where he or she was located physically, and a time for the appointment. With that little bit of information, Cayce was able to do a complete medical diagnosis.

Many books have been written about the remedies that Cayce recommended. One of his most famous remedies is his castor oil pack.

A castor oil pack is an external use of castor oil. A piece of wool flannel is saturated in castor oil and applied to the abdomen with a heating pad. The Cayce readings recommend castor oil packs to improve assimilations, eliminations, and circulation (especially of the lymphatic system). Although this therapy may seem unusual, it is one of the best-documented treatments that Cayce recommended.

  1. Saturate a large piece of wool flannel (about twelve by eighteen inches). Heat the pack before you put it on. (Microwave it in a safe container for one minute, or put the pack on a heating pad and let it stay there for a few minutes.)
  2. Lie down on your back on a plastic lining or baggie. This is to avoid having the castor oil stain whatever it touches.
  3. Place the pack on your abdomen (above the belly button, under the breast), with the heating pad on top, and then place a towel on top of that. Keep the heating control near you to adjust the temperature if it gets too hot.
  4. Keep the pack on for about one to one and a half hours. Try this for three days in a row and see how you feel. You can repeat it after taking a break for four days. You will need to wash the oil off your body with soap and water afterwards.

Cayce highly recommended applying castor oil packs for many ailments, including hyperactivity in children, liver and gallbladder ailments, and puncture wounds. For more information on this and other Cayce remedies, see the recommended reading list under Resources/Links on this website.